A Transformation of our World through Healing

A Transformation of our World through Healing

What do we mean by Healing?

Almost every part of our world needs healing. Healing of the individual, healing of our families, our communities, our society and our nations, and all the systems that we use as part of our societies. And finally, our planet itself.

The global challenges that we are all facing such as a rise in polarisation of beliefs and ideologies, the crisis of truth, increasing levels of conflicts, and the disregard for our natural environment are simply an outward projection of the collective human psyche. What we feel on the inside will naturally project into our surroundings.

At Āyā, we believe that global healing needs to start with the individual. This means that it is the responsibility of every person on this planet to start their own Self-healing journey, as a matter of urgency.

Self-healing is not a cure for disease, but a way of living well. Using a set of practical techniques that are integrated into daily life, we can transform ourselves, increasing our levels of inner peace, happiness, contentment, and general levels of well-being. 

What is Inner Peace?

When using the word peace, it is easy to assume that it only means peace between individuals, groups of people, or countries.

However, actions are always preceded by intentions, which come from within us. Therefore, any outward projection from a person or people is only a reflection of the inner psychological condition. 

If we feel peace within ourselves, peace will be projected out from us. If we feel conflict within ourselves, conflict will be projected out from us.

If every person on this planet learns how to increase their levels of inner peace, outwardly-going peace will naturally follow, and with it, an end to conflict.


We need a Revolution, but the revolution that we need is a silent revolution, one that occurs within the minds and hearts of every individual in our society. It is not a revolution of conflict but a revolution of inner peace. This is the only remedy for our deteriorating world.

Have you found your silent inner peace? Do you know how to find it? it is there in everyone, just waiting to be found. Through a process of self-healing, it is possible to discover this peace and when we do, the negative aspects our personality start to fall away and, instead, we are filled with compassion, tolerance, caring, nurture, a sense of community, a desire to help others and contribute to society, and a growing sense of fulilment, joy, peace and unity.

Can you imaging a society where the majority of people have found their silent inner peace? That society would be completely transformed. The only way this is possible is if every individual takes responsibility for their own inner psychological condition and starts a journey of self-healing and self-discovery. 

We must start to realise that each and every one of us can make a real difference to the world. The best thing that we can do to help is to look inside ourselves for the answers, not outside ourselves. Join The Silent Revolution now!

We may be accused of idealism with these ideas of revolution. How could this possibly happen in reality? I hear you ask. Is it too difficult? Will people listen and implement these ideas? Looking at the current social climate, it would seem doubtful. That is why it is so important!

The outlook is more positive if we consider a longer time frame. We are not saying that the world will transform over night. We may not even see it completed in our generation, but that does not mean that we should not start. Every person that decides to transform themselves makes the world a slightly better place.

There are many people and organisations already working on this very plan. Eventually we will reach a tipping point and our world will start to heal.